Personal Coaching & Mentoring Program :

“6 Figure a Year, Working 2 Hours a Day”


“Let’s Work Together To Create Your Unique Action Plan To Take Your Business To Four Or Five Figures A Month”

In just Four weeks you can come away from your time with me with an action plan that can take your business to exactly where you want it to be.

One that you can follow at your own pace but that will free you from all the distractions, indecision and lack of confidence in what you’re doing that have maybe been holding you back from achieving what you’re worth.

And my personal email mentoring and coaching program will get you there quicker and easier than any other method.

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We’ll work together on a one-to-one basis (that means working personally with ME not a member of my team) to achieve your business goals.

So that when we’re in contact, the time is 100% about you, your business and getting the results you want to see.

The action plan we build will be unique to you and your business – Together we’ll look at building your business, and brainstorm how to get you earning more and working less as quickly as possible.

But first some things you need to be aware of:

1. You need to be willing to work. I don’t sell magic beans – I sell solid strategies that are proven to work every time if you’ll commit your time. By hiring me you’re also agreeing that you’ll work on your business as much as is required to reap the rewards.

2. This is 100% confidential and you will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

3. You need to be an ethical business person. You must want to build a business you’d be happy to tell your family about!

4. The astute marketers reading this will also realise that this is basically FREE consultancy because if you put the time in, you should expect to cover my fee quickly then go on to bigger ongoing profits.

You’re Bound To Have Questions…

There is no ‘contract’ to sign or any sort of tie-in at all.

This personal coaching and mentoring packages costs $1997 and lasts Four (4) weeks.

You’ll notice I don’t try to hide the price or make you call me to find out.

Nor are you dealing here with someone who will immediately hand you off to an assistant as so many ‘gurus’ do. You’ll be working personally with me.

Make Sure You ONLY Work With a Personal Coach And Mentor Who Has a Proven Track Record in Their Own Business…

The other thing to realize about my personal coaching and mentoring program is that I became successful as an online businessman first and then became a personal coach because I want to work personally with people.

I’ve not paid to go on a three day ‘become a mentor’ course and then set myself up as a business coach (something else that is happening far too frequently) I’ve built a successful internet business and been online for almost a decade…

I’ve spent years learning how to build an online business, and more importantly, I’ve learned to enjoy the financial freedom and spare time by automating as much of the business as possible.

I only work on my business a few hours a day because I want to be there while my children grow up. That’s what’s important to me….

And I Want To Help You Fund The Lifestyle That’s Important To You In The Same Way!

I created subscriber based businesses that have already brought me tens of thousands of dollars a month.

I have membership sites that funnel subscription payments into my bank account every month, and best of all, the whole of the content is automated at just a fraction of the income. The rest is pure profit.

I’m involved in software, coaching, plugins, newsletter publishing, offline business, affiliate marketing, emai marketing and more.

I can show you how to put most of your business on autopilot while you enjoy your life (you’ve only got one!) if that’s what you want.

I Cannot Guarantee Your Success…

…because I don’t know your background or how much time you’re willing to put in – you will need to work on your business!

But when you hire me as your personal coach and mentor you’ll have full access to my knowledge, experience and resources in order to make you a successful online business person as fast as possible.

This program does not include any guarantees other than I will make myself available to you, and there are no refunds because I put a lot of effort into working with my clients and cannot reclaim this time.

Payment is via the PayPal button below or email me for instructions if you’d prefer to pay by bank transfer.

Listen – Books and Information Products Are Great Learning Tools, But One-On-One Coaching And Mentoring Will Take You to The Next Step…

Once you become my personal coaching and mentoring client you’ll have full access to me. We’ll communicate Mon-Thurs by email (I don’t work weekends). We will start the session with a Skype audio call and follow by one Skype audio call every week. For email communication, I do not limit the amount of time you can email me.

You’ll be able to use these frank communications as you wish – advice, help with copy, brainstorming, accountability, help with mindset issues, consultancy on your products and services and anything else you wish.

I want to work with people who are dedicated to building a long-term business for themselves and who sincerely want to create their own financial self-sufficiency and freedom of time to truly enjoy their life….

$1997 for 4 Weeks

Secure Order Form – 100% Protected and Safe

But if you’d like to chat before you hire me send me an email at and we’ll chat.

P.S. You get personal one-on-one time with me dedicated to building your business. You’ll never get handed off to anyone else. I’m here for you…to help you build the business and find the freedom you’ve been dreaming of. I’m talking financial freedom with time freedom included.

P.P.S. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email (